Checkboxes are a useful input element when it is desirable to allow users to select more than one option from a short list of options. Checkboxes can have three states: checked, not checked, and indeterminate.

User Expectations

Users expect the following to be true:

  • it should be possible to navigate via keyboard

  • animations should not be linked to functionality; if the user has disabled animations via system preferences, the checkbox should still be usable

  • there should be a clear indicator of focus

  • clicking on the label for the checkbox should also activate the checkbox itself (this is done through properly associating the label with the checkbox)

Part One: Considering Markup

Sometimes, a single checkbox is desirable. In these cases, a checkbox input only requires an associated label for the input:

<div class="form-group">
<input type="checkbox" id="input_checkbox" name="terms-confirmation" />
<label for="input_checkbox">I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions</label>

If the user should be able to select more than one option, a checkbox group should be used. To ensure that all of the checkboxes are associated with the single group, the name attribute value should be the same, and the checkbox group should be wrapped with the <fieldset> element:

<legend>What kind of jobs are you interested in (select all that apply)?</legend>
<div class="form-checkbox">
<input type="checkbox" id="checkbox_job-preferences-00" name="jobPreferences" />
<label for="checkbox_job-preferences-00">Database Engineer</label>
<div class="form-checkbox">
<input type="checkbox" id="checkbox_job-preferences-01" name="jobPreferences" />
<label for="checkbox_job-preferences-01">CSS Engineer</label>
<div class="form-checkbox">
<input type="checkbox" id="checkbox_job-preferences-02" name="jobPreferences" />
<label for="checkbox_job-preferences-02">Accessibility Engineer</label>
<div class="form-checkbox">
<input type="checkbox" id="checkbox_job-preferences-03" name="jobPreferences" />
<label for="checkbox_job-preferences-03">Platform Engineer</label>

Keyboard Support




  • Moves keyboard focus among the checkboxes


  • Cycles the tri-state checkbox among unchecked, mixed, and checked states.

  • When the tri-state checkbox is unchecked, all the controlled checkboxes are unchecked.

  • When the tri-state checkbox is mixed, the controlled checkboxes return to the last combination of states they had when the tri-state checkbox was last mixed or to the default combination of states they had when the page loaded.

  • When the tri-state checkbox is checked, all the controlled checkboxes are checked.

Part Two: Creating the Ember Component

Ember has a checkbox input helper- - but it should not be used in the place of common sense. Use this helper if it is sensible to do so.

(More explicit guidance and additional scenarios coming soon)

Part Three: Abstracting for reuse

Coming soon!


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